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I reached out to Apple but a spokesperson declined to offer any insight into the company's immediate plans for the Apple TV. She did encourage me to watch Monday's livestream, however. This rooftop bar (11th floor) represents the first of the drinking and dining options at Sister City, a new hotel where the chef Joe Ogrodnek (Dover, Battersby) is a partner. The name evokes the location’s view of the sunset. Bar food includes razor clams casino, black bass ceviche, a soft pretzel with pimento cheese, and crispy artichokes. The executive chef working with Mr. Ogrodnek is Andrew Whitcomb, who will also run the kitchen at the hotel’s ground-floor restaurant, Floret, to open in late May. (Wednesday)

Martin, a contractor for the National Security Administration, had access to top secret documents from the agency's hacking group. He's accused of stealing a treasure trove of the NSA's hacking tools. After being leaked, those NSA exploits were used in massive hacks, including the WannaCry ransomware attack. In the second bus, a familiar dynamic began. The bus would slow down, and Westerband, the deputy, would hop out. He’d be as nice as he could, applauding as the laggardly runners boarded the bus and making jokes about how, had he been running, he would never have been able to make it that far, himself.

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The tests revealed a rocky start, but Verizon's rushed efforts to claim first in the world are just the beginning. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are close behind, with phonemakers readying their first 5G wares. On Verizon's network, the Moto Z3 with an attachable 5G Moto Mod became the first 5G-capable phone to go on sale.  The government will now reverify the children’s eligibility and start medical checks. “It could take months,” Mr. Cox said, “but the expectation is that most, if not all, the kids should be able to come.”

“It cannot be that there is fertile ground in this country for hate and incitement,” said Christine Lambrecht, the country’s justice minister. “If we could identify genes that code for circadian dysrhythmia, we could make dietary and environmental recommendations on a passenger-by-passenger basis,” he said, adding, “Five to 10 years from now, we may be able to use people’s genomic footprint — their DNA profile — to improve not only their flight but their lives.”

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Log InNot everything comes down haphazardly. SpaceX has landed and recovered a number of whole rocket boosters in recent months, eventually sending some of them back into space. “Later in my career, as the military grappled with scandals and their wholly inadequate responses, I felt the need to let some people know I, too, was a survivor,” Ms. McSally said. “I was horrified at how my attempt to share generally my experiences were handled. I almost separated from the Air Force at 18 years over my despair.