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Now, a paper published last week in Nature Communications suggests that their chromatophores, previously thought to be mainly pockets of pigment embedded in their skin, are also equipped with tiny reflectors made of proteins. These reflectors aid the squid to produce such a wide array of colors, including iridescent greens and blues, within a second of passing in front of a new background. The research reveals that by using tricks found in other parts of the animal kingdom — like shimmering butterflies and peacocks — squid are able to combine multiple approaches to produce their vivid camouflage. Dozens of artists connected to the Whitney Biennial, a prestigious contemporary art exhibition that begins on Friday, signed an open letter calling for his resignation. And a group called Forensic Architecture, in partnership with Praxis Films, has made its Biennial exhibition a direct challenge to Mr. Kanders: It will show a 10-minute film that documents instances when Safariland’s Triple-Chaser tear gas grenades have been deployed.

After watching Ms. Tran’s tutorial, the group made their own. They passed scissors back and forth, and helped each other with tricky steps, like reinforcing the parcels so that rice wouldn’t spill from the seams. “Our customers have responded incredibly well to Buccellati since its launch on Net-a-Porter March 2017,” said Elizabeth von der Goltz, the site’s global buying director. “The Hawaii, Macri and Rombi styles have all sold very well for us.”

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• Why So Many of Us Don’t Lose Weight When We Exercise: Most of us eat more when we exercise, and though it may be just a few extra bites a day, the result is weight gain. Ninety seconds to get off a plane in an emergency is a laudable goal, but that is predicated on all passengers being on board with the concept and physically able to get out on their own power. It also includes knowing which exit to use and where it is located, and that can be known only if attention is paid during the safety demonstration and from reading the safety card provided at your seat.

Under Mr. Kabila’s rule, the government has either overseen or conducted serious human rights violations, cracking down on opponents and letting ethnic conflicts rage in parts of the country, causing thousands of deaths, according to international observers and human rights groups. Excited murmurs.

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Log InAll this color picking is manageable if you're painting a brand new or well-primed wall. Things get trickier when paint matching is your goal. Like clothes, car colors and photos hung in sunlight, paint colors also fade over time. Even if you know a wall's original paint color, a new coat of paint might look off either because of color fading or loss of sheen. Dekel told me that he envisioned Fraenkelufer Synagogue as a kind of sanctuary from many of these ideas: a community that isn’t defined by fear of anti-Semitism or an orientation toward Israel, but by a local brand of German Judaism. “The question is, What do we want to create for our children?” Dekel said. “We are not sitting on a packed suitcase. We are here to stay.”